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  • Janine Kesterson-Cravens

What to do Before Your First Appointment?

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Here are things to complete before your first appointment with Dr. Cravens

  • Complete Intake paperwork via the therapy notes portal. This paperwork includes demographic information, insurance information, consents, financial policies, payment authorization, and HIPAA form.

  • Optional forms: Client history, Educational Testing, and Release of Information

  • Gather previous evaluations and IEPs to bring to your child's first appointment.

  • Gather emails from daycare provider or your child's teacher so Dr. Cravens can email them rating scales.

  • Call your insurance company to verify your insurance benefits, how much you may owe, and make sure you do not have a carve out policy (see knowing your insurance post on the Things to Know tab.)

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