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About the Book

This workbook looks at many different strategies to get you thinking differently and exploring what works and does not work for your child. Many parents believe that ALL children should be parented the same way but that is not the case. You have to meet your child where they are and grow their skills if they do not have them.

This workbook starts you off by looking at the strengths of your child. This is important to understand so you can help your child grow. Next, you reflect on your connection and relationship with your child. This is another fundamental foundation for building a healthy relationship. The workbook also looks at behaviors. The behavior section looks at positive behaviors, challenges, discipline, consequences, and boundaries. The workbook then looks at some reinforcement strategies. Your child’s independence, skills, and mindset are targeted next. Lastly, the parent mindset is explored. This is important to reflect on and see how your mood and reactions may be affecting your child.

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