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Dr. Kesterson-Cravens

​I am a Licensed Psychologist who values timely diagnosis and intervention. I specialize in the evaluation of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ages 2 to 14), with significant experience in differential diagnosis. That means I have a deep understanding of many conditions and that I consider the whole child in order to make a proper diagnosis. My aim is to help you gain valuable insight into your child and access vital services.


In addition to Autism evaluations, I  also complete Specific Learning Disability Evaluations including Dyslexia. I have over 15 years of experience which gives me a deep understanding of personalized assessment and intervention. With my background in the school system and severe behavior, I bring a deep understanding of services and recommendations. I enjoy sharing that knowledge with parents. 

Dr. Kesterson-Cravens. Ph.D, LBA, BCBA-D

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